Los Angeles

The Barn

Built in the early 1950’s the barn was used as a hub for an array of economic endeavors. It functioned as the private storage for agrarian machinery and goods for field work of the family Wassermann. But soon after the building, which consists of a 1100 square feet footprint , was finished, it also became the central facility for the local Raiffeisen-community. In order to share the risks of investing in new technologies or crops, the farmers of Günsterode got together and commonly organized and financed their operations.

When later the premises now known as LOS ANGELES were inhabited by ducks, goose and chickens, the barn was used as a shelter for tractors, coach wheels and plows which were even older than the building itself.

The barn is one of the central workspaces of LOS ANGELES and a location for exhibitions.The Barnale di Günsterode is taking place every second year.

  • Photos: Nicolas Wefers