Los Angeles


Furniture For Los Angeles

In 2017 Kunsthalle Wien showed us “How to live together”, while the 2021 Venice Architecture Biennial will revolve around the question “How will we live together?”. Now an exhibition touring from Kunstraum München to Philipp Pflug Contemporary in Frankfurt, will provide a testing ground for debate, dispute and co-existence: the touring show FFLA gets down to the nitty-gritty.

Viewers are greeted by a fully furnished interior. Designed and built by von Jonas von Ostrowski, the sculptural fittings – which will be used to fit out the “House with clear shapes and a complex entrance”* – are prepositions of a sense of being. How do we want to live? In what kind of spaces, in which places, with which things? Which role do artistic visions play in all of this? How and with whom will we cooperate, work, be?

Our physical world or environment, perceptible as it is by the senses, is made up of living beings, nature, and in turn of objects made from nature. This world or environment not only shapes our existence but in fact makes it up. In other words: we are what we are surrounded with. The world around us, or rather what we consciously and unconsciously perceive of it, allows us to live our lives in the ways we do – as individuals and collectively. It is possible that our scope for implementing our own ideas within the world is relatively small. But that such a “Vita activa” – which in this instance should precisely not be viewed as an antithesis to the “Vita contemplativa”, but as a logical consequence of the latter –, such a reaching into the world that surrounds us and kneading of the dough of existence, has an impact on ourselves and others: of this we are certain.

Yet which forms do we desire for our existence, what should the “somethings” in and with which we live look like, feel, taste or smell like? What designs can we imagine for a world we live in, how do we want to talk about those, and which do we choose to implement or construct?

As a touring display, FFLA is dedicated to this and similar questions.

Before the art project Los Angeles opens this September in Günsterode* in North Hessen, the exhibition “FFLA” will be touring from Munich, the place of its creation, to Frankfurt and then on to Günsterode, where it will be permanently installed in the “House with clear shapes and a complex entrance”*. Here, the FFLA exhibits will be used by artists, architects and theorists from across the globe visiting for a residency. The objects will provide the furniture on which to sit, eat, think, work and dream.

But before this happens, we invite everyone to come and test out this furniture, to become trial residents of Los Angeles: To take part in the discussion on urgent questions of our day, questions that appear to have long since made traditional ways of thinking in disciplines obsolete, in which ideas from the realms of art, architecture or the humanities merge, in which the meadow becomes the stage, the barn becomes the test tube, and the village of Günsterode becomes an observatory for the world.

  • Photos: Nicolas Wefers, Philipp Pflug Contemporary